The Basics

Headquarters Finland 🇫🇮
Founded 2018
Data Center Locations 2
Example Customers Freepik, Harvard University, MIT, Korea University
Headquarters United States of America 🇺🇸
Founded 2019
Data Center Locations --
Example Customers BuzzFeed, PhotoAI, Magnific, Unsplash, HeadshotPro

Cost Comparison

How do DataCrunch's prices compare against Replicate?

DataCrunch's Pricing

DataCrunch offers GPU instances with the following base configurations which can be scaled by 2x, 4x, or 8x:

Name GPUs Total GPU Memory vCPUs RAM Price (hour)
1RX7900XTX.10V 1x 7900XTX 24 GB 10 40 $0.39
1V100.6V 1x V100 16 GB 6 23 $0.62
1A6000.10V 1x A6000 48 GB 10 60 $1.01
1A100.40S.22V 1x A100 40GB 40 GB 22 120 $1.29
1RTX6000ADA.10V 1x RTX6000 Ada 48 GB 10 60 $1.27
1L40S.20V 1x L40S 48 GB 20 60 $1.36
1A100.80S.22V 1x A100 80GB 80 GB 22 120 $1.75
1H100.80S.30V 1x H100 80 GB 30 120 $3.17

Replicate's Pricing

Replicate uses a metered billing model. You only pay as long as your code is running, billed by the second based on the hardware selected.

Here's a cost estimate for the various GPU models available:

Name Total GPU Memory vCPUs RAM Price (hour)
Nvidia T4 16GB 4 16GB $0.81
Nvidia A40 (Small) 48GB 4 16GB $2.07
Nvidia A40 (Large) 48GB 10 72GB $2.61
Nvidia A100 (40GB) 40GB 10 72GB $4.14
Nvidia A100 (80GB) 80GB 10 144GB $5.04
2x Nvidia A40 (Large) 96GB 20 144GB $5.22
2x Nvidia A100 (40GB) 80GB 20 144GB $8.28
2x Nvidia A100 (80GB) 160GB 20 288GB $10.08
4x Nvidia A40 (Large) 192GB 40 288GB $10.44
4x Nvidia A100 (40GB) 160GB 40 288GB $16.56
4x Nvidia A100 (80GB) 320GB 40 576GB $20.16
8x Nvidia A40 (Large) 384GB 48 680GB $20.88
8x Nvidia A100 (80GB) 640GB 80 960GB $40.32

Which services do they offer?

Here are some of the managed services that DataCrunch and Replicate offer:

Service DataCrunch Replicate
Block Storage --
GPU-powered Servers
Virtual Private Server (VPS) --

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Our data for DataCrunch was last updated on June 26, 2024, and for Replicate on June 26, 2024.